March 9, 2020: A Message from Naturally Bay Area’s President, Don Buder

Like many of you, the Naturally Bay Area Board and staff were taken aback over the past week by the rise of public health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19, and the resulting postponement of Expo West. We have seen in the days since incredible support emerge from within our community here in the Bay Area. It is reassuring, albeit no surprise, that the natural products community responded the way it did — by extending a hand to those in need.

In this spirit, Naturally Bay Area will continue offering its education and community events with a slightly adapted schedule. Given the smaller, more intimate size of our events, we will offer the option to view our programs in person or remotely for those that cannot or choose to not attend in person. We will closely monitor the situation ongoing and adjust our programming accordingly.

Please see below for updates and announcements regarding Naturally Bay Area programs. The health and safety of our community is our top priority and we appreciate your patience as we craft a thoughtful path forward.

We also want to actively support in any way we can the emerging brands in our community who were dramatically affected by the Expo West postponement. Please give us your suggestions as to how Naturally Bay Area can help you make the connections you hoped to make at Expo West.

In Community,

Don Buder
Board Chair
Naturally Bay Area