The Brand Tune-Up, Live!

Ten Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Brand

Tuesday, Sept 17

5:30 pm -7:30 pm @ MISTA




The Brand Tune-Up, Live!

Ten Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Brand

You’re successfully selling products. But are you successfully building your brand? Learn how to answer that question and get real-time feedback from a top branding and design expert. This interactive session will provide tangible, actionable ways to strengthen your brand.

Note: There are five live tune-up spots available to members –  to sign up, you must be willing to get feedback in front of an audience. Others will be hand-selected as time permits

Featuring: Ryan Pintado-Vertner, Founder & Principle at Smoketown

Detailed Program Description

Ryan Pintado-Vertner, Founder and Principal at Smoketown, will lead the session. Smoketown is a brand strategy, consumer research and design consultancy that helps founders and CEOs build brands that matter. They have an approach that is specifically built for early stage entrepreneurs. Ryan has 13 years of brand leadership experience in CPG.

Selling products is different than building brands…and brands are the way to maximize your company’s value. Are you successfully building your brand? Learn a simple, highly-actionable tool for evaluating the strength of your brand using ten factors. Plus: Select companies will get real-time, custom feedback — live on stage for everyone to learn from.

The session will explore best practices in brand strategy to help new, emerging and mature brands grow and win. Topics will include how to anchor your brand in real consumer needs, differentiate from competitors and optimize brand-building tactics to drive growth.


Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019: 5:30pm-7:30pm


MISTA, 438 Treat Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110
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Members: $25.00; Non-Members: $35.00
Brand Tune-Up Participants (5 spots available): $100.00

Tickets on sale Aug 1, 2019


About Ryan Pintado-Vertner

Ryan Pintado-Vertner is the Founder & Principal at Smoketown, LLC, a brand strategy, design, and consumer research consultancy. Smoketown partners with founders and visionaries to build bold, inspiring brands that are grounded in real consumer needs — and committed to changing the world. Ryan is a fifth-generation innovator with a knack for uncovering extraordinary ideas and maximizing their potential. His 20-year track record spans the CPG and social impact sectors.