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The Naturally Bay Area Advisory Program is a six-month-long program for a select group of brands, to gain top-tier insight and guidance on e-commerce, branding, finance & accounting, P & L, legal help, & market strategy. Advisors are signed and committed to keeping availability for the betterment of the company/brand(s).

How it works

Participating brands will be given access to one-on-one meetings with advisors, full contact to their advisors via email, and benefit from Naturally Bay Area’s far-reaching connections and resources.

Read more in our FAQs about the program below.

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Advisory Program

  • You must be a Nor Cal-based company/brand to participate.
    Answer "yes" if you have signed up or renewed and paid your membership dues in 2021. If "no", please renew your Naturally Bay Area membership before applying to Naturally Bay Area's Advisory Program.
  • (Indicate based on last round closed)
  • Racial Identity Categories: * Black, Afro-Caribbean, or African American * East Asian or Asian American * Latinx or Hispanic American * Middle Eastern or Arab American * Native American or Alaskan Native * Non-Hispanic White or Euro-American * Pacific Islander * South Asian or Indian American * Other ____________ Gender Identity categories: * Female * Male * Gender Non-Conforming * Transgender Man * Transgender Woman * Decline to State * Other:__________
  • Select any that apply


Advisory Program FAQ’s

    • How will my brand benefit from the Advisory Program? The Naturally Bay Area Advisory Program offers a group of select brands the special opportunity to benefit from real-time advising and mentoring, at no expense at all. During the six-month program, advisors will implement bootcamps, 1 on 1 meetings, as well as respond to any and all emails pertaining to the brands. 
    • What kind of expertise is being provided through the advisors? Our advisors will offer expertise in P & L, marketing, branding, e-commerce, innovation, finance & growth. 
    • How many advisors will there be? There will be a team of at least four highly experienced advisors.
    • Do I have to be a member of Naturally Bay Area to apply? Yes, you need to be a member of Naturally Bay Area and must be a Nor Cal-based company to participate.
      Sign up for membership here.
    • What are the expectations for my company? The participating brands are not expected to provide anything besides the challenges they are facing and an openness to receiving advice. 
    • Do the advisors get a stake in my company? No, the advisors are volunteers, selflessly sharing their time to help your company grow through its growing pains. 
    • What are the advisors’ commitment level? Advisors are signed and committed to dedicating their time whenever necessary for the participating brands. 
    • Why is the application asking for my company’s revenue? In our review process, it is important to understand the stage of growth and size of your company. 
    • How much does my company have to pay for Naturally Bay Area’s Advisory Program? Nothing! This unique opportunity is absolutely free. 
    • Can I list these advisors as part of my company? Yes. For the duration of the program, you can list your advisors in your pitch deck, noting that you are part of the Naturally Bay Area Advisory Program.
    • When will the Advisory Program begin? Applications will close on Monday, August 23rd. The reviewing committee will then take a few days to decide which brands will be selected for the program.
    • Are you interested in being an advisor? If you are interested in participating as a professional advisor in this program, please email

    • Don’t see your question? Ask us anything at



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