Naturally Bay Area’s Leadership Networking Forums will give you a profound opportunity to make new connections with professionals in your particular field. Engage during bi-monthly meetings that will cover topics relevant to your role. These forums will help propel your career forward by building your network, connecting with other leaders who face similar goals and obstacles, and introducing you to new perspectives, ways to solve problems and overcome challenges you face in your role.


There will be five Leadership Networking groups, each focused on one area: CEOs & Founders, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting, Operations  & Supply Chain, and Human Resources & Sustainable Practices.

Each of the Naturally Bay Area Leadership Networking groups will meet once every two months at an in-person or virtual event, as safety allows. Guest speakers will share a brief presentation on a relevant topic pertaining to your specific role. After which, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with each other and discuss relevant issues they are having and how to solve them.

Additionally, group members will be invited to connect on a private Slack channel for productive conversations in between scheduled meetings.

This program is open to all paid members of Naturally Bay Area who are VP- or C-level in their organizations. Each member can participate in one group, whichever is most closely aligned with their role.

This is an exclusive perk for Naturally Bay Area members only.
Please sign up for Naturally Bay Area membership before submitting your application. Not sure of your member status? Send an email to and we’ll confirm.

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Leadership Networking Forums FAQ’s

When is the first LNP Meeting?

We will be kicking off our first Leadership Networking meeting with our CEO’s & Founders group in early October 2021. Stay tuned for more details as well as the schedule for the additional four networking groups.

How will I find out about dates, times, topics, and guest speakers for upcoming meetings?

Our LNP team will keep you informed by email, and give you access to the group calendar as well as announcements through your group’s Slack channel. Discussion topics, as well as special guests, will both be announced via these channels.

How much do I have to pay to attend? 

You will not have to pay any entrance fees for attending.

What is the structure of the forum meetings and how long will they go for?

Leadership Networking meetings will begin by the introduction of a guest who will speak for about 15 minutes on the topic of discussion relevant to the group’s focus area. After the presentation, the meeting will open up to a networking-style event, where everyone can meet with the understanding that they are all in the same field and share similar problems and solutions. Each networking meeting will last about an hour and a half.

Can multiple people from my business participate?

Yes! You can have one member per networking group, as long as each person is a paid member of Naturally Bay Area. Register here.

Is there a cost to participate? 

Participation is free for all Naturally Bay Area members.

Do I have to be a member of Naturally Bay Area to apply?

Yes, you need to be a member of Naturally Bay Area. All in-person meetings will be located in the Bay Area. Sign up for membership here for Naturally Bay Area.

How many people will be in each group? 

All paid members are eligible, but we are estimating around 15 – 30 people. Our hope is to keep groups small enough for everyone to participate, but large enough to offer a wide variety of perspectives.

How to sign up as a Corporate Sponsor, volunteer as a special guest, be a group facilitator, propose a new topic/case, or offer a venue available to host?

Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you promptly.



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