Supply Chain

10/14/20 Quick Bites: The Importance & Value of Our Farmworkers, Erik Nicholson, Founding Partner, Pandion Strategy




  • In this Quick Bites session Erik Nicholson, Founder of Pandion Strategy and former Vice President at United Farmworkers of America talks with Pete Brennan, Naturally Bay Area board member & Co-Founder of Soñar Foods about the importance of farmworkers in the supply chain.
  • In the first 30 minutes, Erik shares nuanced insights from his 30 years of experience working to improve farmworkers’ rights. Connecting After Quickbites – a community discussion/Q&A fills the last 30 minutes of the video.
  • Erik shares the deep relevance of this topic to natural food supply chains, revealing how COVID19 has exacerbated key challenges facing farmworkers.
  • Essential workers are not properly provisioned, especially during the pandemic & wildfire season.
  • Retail consolidation, price pressure, and poor conditions are 3 key reasons for the farmworker labor shortage
  • Issue of brand integrity is at stake
  • Create models not predicated on collective bargaining that improve rights for farmworkers.


  • Guest: Erik Nicholson, Founding Partner, Pandion Strategy

  • Host:  Pete Brennan, Co-Founder, Soñar Foods & Naturally Bay Area Board Member


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