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10/20/21 Quick Bites: Building a Diverse Hiring Process

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In this week’s Quick Bites panel on Building a Diverse Hiring Process, we heard from three leaders about their experience in cultivating diversity in their companies and for their clients. Watch the replay for a candid discussion about the importance of sourcing a diverse candidate pool, the various stages of hiring, along with tips & tools to help you develop a thoughtful hiring process.


Naturally Bay Area board member Jen Berliner, General Manager of Moonshot Snacks, led the conversation with our featured guests:


A few highlights from the discussion:

  • 7:37 Levi discusses how building a process and training managers to look beyond the resume help eliminate bias.
  • 13:03 Pam gives a deep dive, from A to Z, on building a diverse hiring process.
  • 26:43 Matt has some strong advice for CEOs: “Remove the HR hat as soon as possible … because it’s hard to be the dreamer and the enforcer of structure at the same time.”


Download the guide: Tips for a Diverse Hiring Process
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