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10/8/20 Board Review Bootcamp Workshop




  • The goal of this Naturally Bay Area workshop is to provide participants with tips on how to best work with your board, report your year-end progress & look towards 2021 and beyond.
  • This 3-part workshop first features presentations by industry icons and functional leaders and then allows peers to meet in break out rooms. Finally, participants will receive resources in a take-home guide to support their own team’s agile planning and board review preparation.


  • HOST: Pete Brennan, board member, Naturally Bay Area & Co-Founder, Soñar Foods
  • Big Picture – Kevin Cleary, Principal, Big Rock Growth Advisors LLC
  • Growing Value – Brad Barnhorn, Board Member & Advisor to Growing F&B Companies
  • Marketing Update – Jessica Heitz, VP of Marketing, Olly
  • People, Practices & Structures – Cassie Nielsen, Talent Partner, VMG Partners
  • Operations & Supply Chain – Brandon Hernandez, Founder, Whole Brain Consulting
  • Finance Update – Alyssa Adams, VP of Finance, Propeller Industries
  • Finance Update – Ryan Musser, Assurance Senior Manager, CPA, BPM LLP
  • Sales Update – Elliot Begoun, Founder, The Intertwine Group


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