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11/18/20 Quick Bites: Insights for Digital Growth in the New Normal




  • This panel discussion focuses on how new and emerging brands can enter the market and/or find growth, given the ongoing realities of COVID19.
  • In this Quick Bites session, Jessica Malach, VP of Partnerships & Insights at Social Nature, and brand marketing expert Christie Lee, Founder of Nourishing Food Marketing shared insights on how emerging brands can drive eCommerce-led growth, given the ongoing realities of COVID-19.
  • Bringing key insights on consumer behavioral changes and scrappy marketing techniques, Jessica and Christie provided a well-rounded perspective to inform both marketing and sales heading into Q1 2021
  • Here are some takeaways:
    • Consumers are prioritizing health – market & tag your products appropriately
    • Creating engagement & connection at home when consumers are isolated is key
    • Get your digital house in order – online food & health shopping keeps growing!
    • Tap into the internet for insights – let your customers offer feedback in surveys


  • Guests: Christie Lee, Founder, Nourishing Food Marketing & Jessica Malach, VP of Partnerships & Insights, Social Nature

  • Host:  Jennifer Berliner, Naturally Bay Area board member & Head of Go to Market, Planet FWD


  • Click HERE for video recording


  • Click HERE for Jessica’s deck
  • Click HERE for Christie’s deck