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12/1/21 Quick Bites: The Hottest Trends in CPG Retail – Online-to-Offline Marketing




In this week’s Quick Bites panel on Online-to-Offline Marketing, we heard from three leaders about the full O2O commerce cycle that builds targeted online consumer demand, converts it to in-store traffic and sales, brings consumers back online to collect their reviews, and emphasizes loyalty with purchasers.


Naturally Bay Area board member Vanessa Toy, Founder of Cultivate Creations, led the conversation with our featured guests:


A few highlights from the discussion:

  • 4:23 – Jessica gives an overview of the 4-step O2O model that places the consumer at the center of the journey along path to purchase.
  • 28:58 – Todd discusses how his brand, Tucson Tamale, is harnessing the power of B2C marketing and the value of e-commerce as an entrepreneur.
  • 11:14 – Tyler talks about the importance of driving trial and awareness during the first year of launching a new product, and the learnings that come from in-market consumer feedback.