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2/17/22 Quick Bites: How to Effectively Outsource Finance & Accounting




In this week’s Quick Bites panel on How to Effectively Outsource Finance & Accounting, we heard from three accounting experts as well as representatives from two growing brands about when, why, and how to effectively outsource your finance and accounting.


Naturally Bay Area board member Ian Malone, Managing Director and Founding Member of Aspect Consumer Partners, kicked off the conversation with our featured guests:


A few highlights from the discussion:

  • 8:07 – Alyssa AdamsCFO of Propeller Industries, defines outsourced finance and accounting and details the spectrum of services that are frequently included.
  • 26:07 – David Guendelman, Founder and Principal CFO of Do Good CFO, discusses how and when to build strategic financial management, and emphasizes the importance of lead time when raising capital.
  • 30:05 – Jack Decker, Director of Finance of Lotus Foods, reviews how to prevent the creation of a finance silo that’s disconnected from other areas of business.
  • 42:36 – Jordan Moncharmont, Co-Founder & CTO of Kuli Kuli Inc., describes the importance of understanding and accurately calculating gross margins.
  • 35:27 – Kristen Oshiro, Senior Manager at BPM LLP, highlights the benefits that come with hiring an ally to walk you through financial statements and bookkeeping basics.


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