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2/29/24 Delicious Data: How Carbone Fine Foods Uses Data to Grow it’s Food Business




You don’t build an international food and beverage brand without the right ingredients. This informational event presented by Naturally New York and Naturally Bay Area, touches on how data-driven decision-making pushed Carbone forward. With the help of Ampla‘s business operation platform and SPINS‘ impactful retail data, people from New York to Hong Kong now enjoy Carbone‘s culinary creativity.

Join panelists from Ampla, SPINS, Siddhi Capital, and of course Carbone to learn about the recipe for growth.



We heard from:



Dan Weckend, VP of Partnerships at Ampla, led the conversation with our panel of experts. Here are a few highlights from the discussion:

  • 5:59 – Jim Cummings, COO & Co-Founder of Ampla, shares that Ampla is a “data company at heart” and announced a new partnership with SPINS to share the data to help brands run their businesses.
  • 11:44 – Brandon Casteel, VP of Partnerships at SPINS, shares the power of utilizing data to grow, sharing that the brands utilizing data experience “22% more year over year growth than the brands that don’t.”
  • 21:11 – Amber Bylund, Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy at Siddhi Capital, shares the three metrics she looks at to measure the health of a brand: distribution (for context), velocity by units, and velocity by dollars.
  • 23:25 – Eric Skae, Chief Executive Officer at Carbone Fine Food, shares the priorities of using data for a healthy business. First, “build a data story.” Second, “understand your math.”