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2021 Sustainability Earth Week: 4/12 Start Your Sustainable Packaging Journey




  • In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, Naturally Network affiliates across the country offered a week of free webinars focusing on natural brands and sustainability. On April 12th, we kicked off the week with a dynamic session on the key to scaling sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Moderators: Pete Brennan, Naturally Bay Area and The Town Kitchen with Alyssa Harding, Director of OSC Packaging Collaborative
    Panelists: Futamura GroupNumi TeaOakland Coffee
  • You’ll hear from experts on collaborative goal setting around scaling these sustainable materials, and why compostables should be a part of your 2030 packaging goals.
  • The speakers will share their blueprints around packaging, make connections to key resources and tools that your companies can use to set your packaging strategy, and update you on the milestones and successes the OSC Packaging Collaborative has achieved in the last few years.


  • Click HERE for free video recording