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3/24/22: Women in CPG Summit




What a week! Naturally Network’s inaugural Women in CPG Summit was a resounding success. We’re overcome with inspiration and joy from the energy you showed over the three days – a testament to how much we all want to help and lift up each other!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and supported the Women in CPG Summit! Special thanks to all of our speakers who shared your insights and wisdom (see comment for list of speakers)- we are forever grateful.

So many pearls of wisdom were shared by these speakers — notable themes include:

This was THE theme of the summit. Tracey Warner Halama of Vital Proteins shared her 3 C’s: be Curious – seek to find solutions, be Committed – do things that have never been done before and follow through…and, be Courageous – “always remember [as women] to take up space in the room – you deserve it like anyone else.”

Asking For…and Offering Help
The hallmark of the natural and organic industry is supporting each other and many speakers shared stories of cold outreaches that were not only answered, but embraced (via LinkedIn, Expo + other conferences).

Staying True to Your Values
Notable quote: “Our personal experiences and passion created the “why” for our companies – always lean into this.”

Giving Ourselves Grace
We can’t do it all – having self-compassion is so important. Quality of time is way more important than quantity with our work and family lives.

Several panelists highlighted the disparity in our industry – it’s changing…and the speakers are proof of the progress we’re making. As Jing Gao, founder of FLY BY JING, put it so well “everyone else’s success [women, people of color] is validating space for all of us.”

Let’s all continue to support and lift each other through community and collaboration. Join our Naturally Network Slack Community (https://lnkd.in/eE9nD-pZ), become a member of one of our Naturally Network chapters (https://lnkd.in/g6DKnVhc), seek out a mentor or offer to mentor someone. Be the change!

If you missed it, we’ll be publishing the sessions soon so stay tuned to our socials and Slack channel #naturallynetwork-women-in-cpg-2022 for the panel-specific videos.

Thank you to our National and Event Sponsors for making this possible – special shout out to our Founding National Title Sponsors, KeHE DistributorsNew Hope NetworkNew Nexus Group, and Conscious Culture Co.