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5/28/20 Thrive Long Term




Elliot Begoun of TIG and Mike Dovbish of Nutrition Capital Network & Naturally Bay Area, spoke with two founders, Matthew Parry of The Good Crisp Company and Hector Saldivar of Tia Lupita Foods about the steps they’ve taken to become better positioned to not only survive but also thrive during this period of uncertainty and disruption.

They offer some best practices, lesson learned, as well as field questions from the audience.


  • Matt Parry: CEO & Co-Founder, The Good Crisp Company
  • Hector Saldivar: Founder/Owner, Tia Lupita Foods
  • Elliot Begoun: Founder, TIG (Moderator)
  • Mike Dovbish: Executive Director, Nutrition Capital Network & Board Member, Naturally Bay Area


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