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7/1/20 Quick Bites #3: Sales Strategies – Elliot Begoun, Founder, TIG




  • In the third of our 30-minute lunchtime Quick Bites series, Jim Taschetta, Naturally Bay Area board member & CMO/Head of Retail Operations of MWG Holdings, LLC chats with Elliot Begoun, Founder of The Intertwine Group (TIG) about sales strategies to implement now, that will sustain businesses through the pandemic & beyond.
  • Capital efficiency is essential to sustainable growth.

  • Online grocery & in-home consumption will remain high. How can businesses become more e-commerce enabled?

  • Discovery of retail is changing & must be reevaluated. Elliot says empathy, deeply knowing your customer, helps you to find them along the “customer continuum.”

  • Democratizing a product is key – make it available everywhere your consumer frequents.


  • Guest: Elliot Begoun, Founder, TIG

  • Host:  Jim Taschetta, CMO/Head of Retail Operations, MWG Holdings, LLC 


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