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7/29/20 Quick Bites #6: Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship – Jenn Kao, Principal, White Road Investments




  • In the sixth of our 30-minute lunchtime Quick Bites series, Jennifer Kao, Principal of White Road Investments talks with Mike Dovbish, Naturally Bay Area board member & Executive Director of Nutrition Capital Network mission-driven entrepreneurship.
  • Jenn explains that White Road Investments is a venture capital fund in the health & wellness sector, backed by CLIF Bar‘s founders, Gary Erickson & Kit Crawford. Investing in mission-driven companies & entrepreneurs, White Road uses CLIF Bar‘s framework of a “5 Aspiration-Based Business” that goes beyond the bottom line to have a positive impact on people, employees, planet, communities, & brand.

  • Jenn outlines the 3 key pillars assessed when considering investing in mission-driven entrepreneurs: (1) Problem, (2) People, (3) Passion.

  • Intentionality about how you measure your impact is key.

  • Transparent communication with consumers & investors about progress & business practices is essential to building trust.

  • Utilize objective third-party partnership organizations like B Corps to create legitimacy & authenticity.


  • Guest: Jennifer Kao, Principal, White Road Investments

  • Host:  Mike Dovbish, Executive Director, Nutrition Capital Network


  • Click HERE for video

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