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8/11/22 Quick Bites: Expanding Retail Distribution via Compelling, Data-Driven Sales Decks




In last week’s Quick Bites panel on building a compelling sales deck, we heard from three experts about how to transform your data into compelling sales decks to help you meet your goals — from launching new products to gaining new distribution or using it to secure your share of the shelf.


Naturally Bay Area board member Mary Tarczynski, and Principal and Client Solutions Lead at Parabolic Agency, kicked off the conversation with our featured guests


A few highlights from the discussion:

  • 7:22 – Check out the free and low cost data resources for Emerging Brands presented by Benji Fitts and Mary Tarczynski.
  • 15:06 Loree Olson, Business Analyst at Good Foods acknowledges brand’s desires to be at the top of the ranking list but suggests leveraging the success of other brands on the shelf to help get to #1.
  • 32:58 – Benji Fitts, Senior Manager at SPINS tells listeners that “people should feel the insight of the message within sales decks before they understand it. Make it simple, make it succinct, and make it sweet”.
  • 42:08 – Allen Pierce, Managing Partner at Navigator Sales & Marketing describes the benefits of asking to pay less for advertising.