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8/19/20 Quick Bites #9: Brand Building – Aditi Dash, Partner, Circle Up Growth Partners




  • In the ninth of our 30-minute lunchtime Quick Bites series, Aditi Dash, Partner at Circle Up Growth Partners chats with Vanessa Toy, Naturally Bay Area Board Member & Founder at Cultivate Creations about brand building.
  • Aditi believes a brand “encapsulates unique reason(s) that someone gives you their money, time or energy”
  • 3 phases of Product Management: Discovery, Iteration, & Building
  • Know your competitors so you can articulate your differentiating benefit.
  • Speed can often be advantageous, especially for small newer brands.
  • Earlier consumers are forgiving of a brand/product they love.
  • Identify & stay true to company’s vision/mission statement as you build.


  • Guest: Aditi Dash, Partner, Circle Up Growth Partners

  • Host:  Vanessa Toy, Founder, Cultivate Creations & Naturally Bay Area board member


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