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8/5/20 Quick Bites #7: Strategic Planning – Kevin Cleary, Principal, Big Rock Growth Advisors




  • In the seventh of our 30-minute lunchtime Quick Bites series, Kevin Cleary, Principal at Big Rock Growth Advisors talks with Jim Taschetta, Naturally Bay Area board member & CMO/Head of Retail Operations of MWG Holdings, LLC about strategic planning.
  • Identify your “big rock:” #1 product, greatest growth/profit opportunity in your current business. Must have differentiated position & unique proposition.

  • Establish “strategic intent” (lofty but achievable goal(s)) before building strategy

  • Don’t let yourself be bored by your business – it’s still brand new for many people. Don’t diverge or innovate too soon.

  • Alignment is critical: communicate how each team supports accomplishing company’s “strategic intent.”


  • Guest: Kevin Cleary, Principal, Big Rock Growth Advisors

  • Host:  Jim Taschetta, CMO/Head of Retail Operations, MWG Holdings, LLC


  • Click HERE for video