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8/6/20 Set Your Sights on the Future – Strategic Retail Account Planning




Kevin Cleary, Principal of Big Rock Growth Advisors and Johnny Valeriote, President & CEO of Omnium walk us through the “what & how” of strategic retail account planning. This panel is moderated by Mary Tarcyzski, Principal of Parabolic & Naturally Bay Area board member.

While it is critical to continue to ensure employee safety and customer service, now is the time for CPG sales leaders to begin account level planning for 2021. This engaging & interactive session outlines the principles that enabled Kevin Cleary to grow Clif Bar 10X and that Johnny Valeriote successfully uses with several Bay Area Natural Brands. Learn how a relentless focus on strategy, culture and execution, based on detailed analysis of all available data, can set your company on a path towards exponential growth.


  • Kevin Cleary: Principal, Big Rock Growth Advisors
  • Johnny Valeriote: President & CEO, Omnium
  • Mary Tarczynski: Naturally Bay Area board member & Principal, Parabolic (Moderator)


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