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9/16/20 Quick Bites #11: What’s Hot in Organic – Max Goldberg, Founder, Organic Insider




  • In the 11th of our 30-minute lunchtime Quick Bites series, Max Goldberg, Founder of Organic Insider talks with Pete Brennan, Naturally Bay Area board member & Co-Founder of Soñar Foods about what’s hot in the organic industry.
  • Go beyond USDA seal: additional certifications available
  • Food as Medicine – ingredients with immune/health benefits
  • Increase Transparency – trace ingredient source & tell that story
  • Communicate Social Mission – sustainable packaging & give back to local community/environment


  • Guest: Max Goldberg, Founder, Organic Insider

  • Host: Pete Brennan, board member, Naturally Bay Area & Co-Founder, Soñar Foods


  • Click HERE for video

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