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9/2/20 Quick Bites #10: Safe Sampling – Mary Tarczynski, Principal, Parabolic




  • In the tenth of our 30-minute lunchtime Quick Bites series, Mary Tarczynski, Principal at Parabolic chats with Pete Brennan, Naturally Bay Area Board Member & Co-Founder at Soñar Foods about safe sampling and innovative ways to drive product trial online during the pandemic.
  • Mary encourages brands to invest the capital in shelf-stable single-serving items
  • In-store sampling may be limited during the pandemic but there are a multitude of alternate online ways to get your product out there.
  • She explains how to leverage ads to tell your brand story
  • Increased home food consumption & e-commerce during the pandemic drives discovery & trial as well as demanding more variety


  • Guest: Mary Tarczynski, Principal, Parabolic

  • Host: Peter Brennan, Co-Founder, Soñar Foods & Naturally Bay Area board member


  • Click HERE for video
  • Mary’s presentation slides available upon request: