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10/04/23 Raising Capital Part 2: Alternative Channels for Equity and Debt Financing




More emerging food and beverage brands and early-stage personal care companies are exploring alternative channels for equity and debt financing in this market than ever before. You’ll hear from the CPG brand-side perspective from leaders and advisors with a lens toward smart financing alternatives.

Listen in on this discussion about bootstrapping and growing at the rate of your cash flow, how to smartly use lines of credit, microlending opportunities, how to successfully crowdfund, making a high-profile splash on Shark Tank, and what options to consider when you are ready to raise a seed round.



Don Buder, Partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, lead the discussion with our panelist of  CPG professionals:



A few highlights from the discussion:

  • 18:01Elliot Begoun, Founder of TIG Brands, provides good insight about crowdfunding’s requirements, emphasizing it as a strategic marketing effort that should only be deployed when you have enough people to reach and mobilize.
  • 19:44 –  Sadie Scheffer, CEO of Bread SRSLY LLC, discusses Kiva Loans and specifically the loan she has utilized, the 0% interest US loans. Sadie has had great success with these, highlighting that not all debt is not bad debt.
  • 37:13 Hector Saldivar, Founder/CEO of Tia Lupita® Foods, touches on his experience with seed funding. He addresses his personal international experience of focusing on fundraising in Mexico, and highlights how the company’s innovation and culture has been attractive to investors there.


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