5/6/20 Rapid Re-Planning




During this crisis, it is easy for small companies to get consumed with short-term survival tactics: managing cashflow, applying for SBA loans, and more. Now that the initial chaos has subsided, it is equally important for brands to take a step back and do a Rapid Re-Plan to ensure they thrive in the long-term.

Webinar covers:

  • Powerful, practical process to quickly chart your brand’s path for the next 12 months.
  • Options for what consumers, channels and your category will look like in 1Q/2021.
  • Critical things you need to do—and what you need to stop doing—to succeed in that new future.


  • Pete Brennan: Co-Founder, Sonar Foods
  • Sadie Scheffer: CEO & Founder, Bread SRSLY
  • Danielle Vincent: CEO, Outlaw Soaps
  • Maura Mitchell: Founder & Managing Partner, Brandology
  • Mike Dovbish: Executive Director, Nutrition Capital Network & Board Member, Naturally Bay Area