September 19, 2018

Better Food Ventures

Established in 2013, Better Food Ventures has assembled a team of experienced, international investors looking to identify and develop companies that can improve the performance of the food and agriculture industries through the application of information and communications technology. As investors we are full-consequence driven, focused on achieving outsized financial returns and “positive impact”.

As a byproduct of our financially-focused investing, the application of information technology to food and agriculture will lead to better economic, nutritional, and environmental outcomes across the world. Information technology is the key lever to develop a variety of solutions to meet the changing market demands and challenges of today and the future. To seize this opportunity the food and agriculture industries need to more fully embrace technologies such as:

• Mobile and cloud-based computing
• Sensor technologies and “the internet of things”
• Robotics, artificial intelligence
• Location-identification and image recognition
• Massive and real-time data analytics
• Collaborative production and consumption and social marketing

We are keen to see the application of information and communications technologies that we have helped develop over the last decade now create value in vertical applications like food and agriculture.

Better Food Ventures is affiliated with The Mixing Bowl which strives to “connect people who are feeding the world with people who are changing the world through tech innovation…”