February 18, 2019

True Story Foods

At True Story, the good goes way beyond what we put on your plate. We’re on a mission to do business in a way that supports farmers, producers and growers so that we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

As third-generation food makers, we know how naturally delicious good meat can be. But as it’s become more processed and companies race to have the cleanest ingredients, something big has gotten left behind: taste. We started True Story to get back to what’s real and true and delicious. We’ve traveled around the farms of America’s heartland and throughout Europe to learn how to craft the cleanest meats without ever sacrificing taste.

Our small, passionate team of food lovers obsesses over every little detail. The perfect snap of a sausage when you take a bite. How the salt and spices mix with the juices from our just-roasted chicken. And we make our products using the same methods our fathers and grandfathers did. Meet the team.