February 20, 2024

Anna Ten Elshof

Anna is a young face in the food industry. She graduated in 2020 from University of California, Davis with her Bachelor’s in Food Science and Technology with an Emphasis in Brewing Science. Starting her career in the flavor world, Anna specialized in sports nutrition. Out of the gate, she had the opportunity to help develop a variety of food and beverages working with some of the top leaders in the nutrition category. In addition to R&D, she developed and managed marketing campaigns for the products launched, growing an immense passion for evaluating industry and consumer trends. Currently, Anna works at IMCD US Foods, a Global Specialty Ingredient Supplier, as a Technical Account Manager providing ingredient solutions to manufacturers across the United States.

Anna resides in the East Bay with her fiancé and two cats. In her free time, she enjoys trialing new recipes for her cookbook, being active outside, and visiting all the amazing breweries in the Bay Area. She is an advocate for continued learning and will find herself reading about the food system, food processes, and what healthy means these days when she is not exploring parts of California she has not yet travelled.