January 17, 2023

Cynthia Billops

Cynthia Billops, VP of Operations, Membership, and Belonging at One Step Closer, oversees, among other things, J.E.D.I Collaborative “Pathways to Action” – an OSC programming vehicle that offers action-oriented trainings; enabling organizations to set and achieve measurable DEI commitments using curricula designed by industry experts; a robust, online learning management system and a unique, interactive peer-to-peer support structure.

Cynthia is a 20+ year veteran of the IT tech/Non-profit world. Throughout her career she has focused on optimizing organizational and strategic leadership practices for C-suite individuals; designing efficient and effective business systems; creating/leading efforts to better align “vision-to-practice” and operationalizing/integrating J.E.D.I (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) into org-wide policies and procedures.

Simultaneously believing that policies that are thoughtfully engineered, distributed and supported can: foster employee engagement; help effect systemic change and enable organizations to sustain themselves and thrive AND that some of the brightest minds in our country are being underutilized simply because they come from communities that are marginalized and/or vastly underrepresented; it is her personal mission to open as many doors as possible so that more people from a diversity of backgrounds are able to bring their “whole” selves to careers, conversations and solution-finding networks within the Natural Products and CPG industry.