February 18, 2021

Lauren Clardy

Lauren Clardy is the founder and CEO of NutriMarket Business, a strategic consulting firm focused on the commercialization and scale up of novel nutraceutical brands, ingredients, and new technologies. Her company has a proven track record of driving corporate growth and revenue from concept through commercialization.  She leverages deep knowledge in nutrition, regulatory, strategy and innovation- to deliver distinguished, actionable products for sustainable growth and marketplace success.

During her career, Lauren has had her “hand” in the launch of hundreds of new products and generated significant incremental revenue for companies. Lauren has launched numerous D2C and B2B companies into the market which have become category market leaders and successful new brands in the industry. She currently serves as VP Brands for AIDP Inc.- a leading ingredient supplier that offers best-in-class ingredient solutions for the dietary supplement, nutricosmetic and functional food & beverage categories.

Lauren is an Advisory board member with Nutrition Capital Network, (NCN) and serves as a Board Advisor/investor to various other companies. She received her BSc in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, and has postgraduate work in Nutrition/MPH at Oregon State University. Lauren is passionate about the ever-evolving science of nutrition, and the coalescing of functional foods, supplements, and delivery technologies.

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